…me and this blog

I’m a writer of novels, short stories, and picture books for children and young adults with a passion for rhythm and sound. Once my story is out of my head and onto the page I play with it like it’s a puzzle, looking for combinations and arrangements that will evoke emotion in my readers. Formerly a school teacher and forever a mother of two boys, I know the power of story and believe in its ability to connect people to each other and, most importantly, to themselves. That’s why I feel that writing fiercely is the only way to write – it is brave, it is true. It comes from your core. Own it.

I’m a graduate of Vermont College of Fine Arts’ Writing for Children and Young Adults program, and may at times get obnoxious about directing you there, and to the blogs and stories of my amazing VCFA colleagues. I trust it won’t take you long to understand why.

3 thoughts on “…me and this blog

  1. L. Marie says:

    Jen! I’m so glad to discover your blog! I totally agree with your philosophy.

  2. Ariel says:

    Jen! So good to find your blog! I’ve been feeling lonesome for the Dystropians, and reading everyone’s blogs has made me feel (almost) as if I’m in wine pit with you all, or chilling out in one of our dorm rooms, talking shop. I hope things are going well for Norah! I think about her often.

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